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The Sabre Group

Sabre Instrument Valves

Specialist manufacturers of double block and bleed valves, instrument valves and manifolds and instrument protection systems.

Sabre Dental Products

Manufacturers of the world famous and original Kurer Anchor System for over thirty years.


Granulators, Size Reduction Machines and Waste Recycling Systems.

AF Whiteley

Granulator Knives and Industrial Blades.

The Sabre Group

The Sabre Group was founded over 60 years ago as a manufacturer of turned components, the Sabre Group is now a broadly based engineering concern, with a reputation for quality and an appetite for further growth.

Although each member of the Sabre Group pursues its specific marketing objectives, all share a common philosophy regarding production efficiency, quality assurance and customer satisfaction.  There are few greater contrasts than that between industrial knives and dental anchor systems, as regards application and scale.  That Sabre should successfully embrace both technologies speaks volumes about our manufacturing versatility and technical expertise.